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Moulin Coopératif de Mouriès

The Cooperative olive oil Mill of Mouriès:

Built in 1626, it is in 1920 that the mill becomes a cooperative. Owners of olive trees have thus gathered together to share the investment that constitute the presses, the VAT and all that is necessary to create an impeccable product, for themselves of course, their friends and all lovers of this “fruit juice Sublime.
This principle is still alive, even if the means of transformation have evolved. The few 450 adherents of our co-operative mill perpetuate the tradition. Its geographical location and the consequent number of associates allow the mill to have one of the largest production capacities of olive oil of France.

Mouriès, the first olive-oil village in France

Today, with about 80 000 olive trees, our municipality represents the first olive-producing village in the country. There are four varieties: Salonenque, Aglandau (or Béruguette), Verdale of leases and Grossane.

Olive oil from the mill

Our olive oils are a reflection of the values of the cooperative and develop typical flavors of the Pdo Valley of the Baux de Provence. The mill invites you to discover its three oils:

The fruit of yesteryear:
Formerly called “Black Fruity” This oil is produced from olives maturées with care by our Miller. It develops perfumes of black olive entrusted, black tapenade and truffle and drunk the taste buds of the finest gourmets. It will sublimate perfectly the salads, the crustaceans, the cheeses or the desserts…

The creamy
A taste of fresh green olive with delicate expression, followed by a slight spicy flavor; “The creamy” offers a nice length in the mouth. It exhales the richness of the scents of its terroir on salads, raw vegetables, anchoïade or aioli, raw fish or carpaccio…

The ardent:
A ardence expressed by a very pronounced flavor of green olive and cut grass, complemented by a taste of raw artichoke, is the strength of “the ardent”. Very fruity, close to the spicy sensations, it ideally values crustaceans, game, cheese and raw vegetables.

Our shop:

You will be greeted in our boutique with typical Provençal architecture, under its multi-centennial vaults where you can taste our oils and discover other regional products selected by us.
The shop is open all Year 7 days/7
(Closes on Sundays in January February and March)
The mill offers free guided tours of its facilities during the months of July and August; Tuesdays at 10am and Fridays at 3:30

For any information please do not hesitate to contact us at or by mail

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